Your Sales Presentations Are Driving Your Customers Away

Yes, your read correctly.  Your presentations may be causing you to loose deals. Or at least client interest. Too many times have I seen presentations that lack a strong flow and contain too many words.  Have your of “death by powerpoint”?  In this blog post I will give you a basic but very effective approach for building a presentation that evokes action from your client.prsentation 1

First, define the problem.

And I do not mean some dormant pain or issue no one care about.  I mean grab your clients attention with a statistic or metric that will cause them to sit up and say “Whoa – I had no idea”. Try to use an eye catching image and overlay the data point(s). Less is more here. Be sure to gain agreement that the client likely suffers from this issue within their organization. Ask if they have attempted to solve it. This is a great time to start the meeting off in a very bi-directional and creative manner. Let the client start talking. If they are a little quiet, probe a little.  Do not be afraid to ask questions and draw our their interaction.

Next, start introducing your solution.

Have a clear value proposition. Again, this should be one slide. The value prop should be no more than 1-2 bullets in most instances. Are you seeing a theme here? Very little words. We do not want the client focusing on reading the slide, we want them focusing on the content you are sharing. Explain how your offering helps the client and why it is unique.

Now that you have your clients attention, start building a little credibility about your organization; brag about some of the leaders or the history of the product or solution. This is a great moment to personalize this and align it to you clients’ mission or priorities. Again, you should not need more than one slide here. The use of strong images are a must and keep the bullets down to a few.

Show Me The MoneyWe are in the home stretch now. The conversation should be flowing with you and the audience. Now let’s give them a proof point. resultRelay a case study or reference that aligns to their business or one they can relate too. Show a picture of the client or their logo (if you have the required permissions) and the outcomes of the engagement or use of the product. What changes or results did your reference see or measure. Why was this a unique result from partnering with your company? Again, just a few bullets here and be sure that your prospect can relate to this story. Ensure that the benefits will want to make your new sponsor start this project immediately. Ask yourself, what is in it for my client to work with my organization or buy my product or offering? This is key because we are now at the last step.

The call to action!!!

Yes, we have come to the point in the meeting where you ask the hard question. The call to action. This could be as simple as asking for the order or agreeing to build a business case together to secure budget. You know your offering and what the best call to action is relative to the current stage in the sales process….have confidence and ask for it.

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