Do you have a Coach or a Champion on your Deal

A coach and a champion are two different roles in a sales organization.

A coach is someone who provides guidance and support to individual sales reps, helping them to develop their skills and improve their performance. Coaches may be managers, trainers, or experienced reps who have a good understanding of the sales process and can provide valuable feedback and advice to their colleagues. A coach helps identify areas for improvement, provides training and resources, and helps reps to develop strategies to overcome specific challenges. The ultimate goal of coaching is to improve individual performance and contribute to team success.

A champion, on the other hand, is someone within the customer’s organization who advocates for the purchase of your product or service. This person is usually a decision-maker or someone who has significant influence in the buying process. The champion is responsible for promoting the value of your solution to other stakeholders within the organization, ensuring that all relevant parties are on board and supportive of the purchase decision. The ultimate goal of a champion is to facilitate a successful sale by helping the sales rep navigate the buying process, ensuring that the buyer’s needs are met, and that the buying process stays on track.

In summary, while coaches and champions both play important roles in the sales process, they serve different functions. Coaches help to guide and develop sales reps, while champions help to facilitate the buying process and promote the value of your solution within the customer’s organization. Both roles are important for driving sales success and should be leveraged effectively to achieve your sales goals.

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